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Beginner's Daily Dashboard

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Beginner's Essential Daily Planner - A Clean, Minimal Solution

Are you new to Notion and feeling a bit overwhelmed by its possibilities? Look no further! This Beginner's Daily Dashboard Planner is designed just for you. It's the perfect all-in-one tool to kickstart your Notion journey and supercharge your productivity.

Why do you need this?

  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to scattered notes and digital clutter. This template streamlines your daily routines, tasks, and goals into one beautifully organized space.
  • Ease of Use: It's designed with beginners in mind, making your Notion journey hassle-free.

Who am I?

I'm Sudakshina Sridharan, a Notion Certified creator dedicated to enhancing your productivity.

With over two years of experience and a portfolio of 30+ templates, this is my first template available for purchase. My goal is to elevate your workflow and workspace with beautifully designed templates

What's Inside?

  • Streamlined Planner: Daily, weekly, and monthly views to keep your life in perfect sync.
  • Routines and Habits: Set and track your daily routines effortlessly.
  • Weekly Meal Plan: If you often find yourself pondering what to prepare next, this planner will prove invaluable.
  • Task Management: Manage your to-dos efficiently with customizable task lists.
  • Calendar Integration: Sync important dates and events seamlessly.
  • Notion Basics Guide: Detailed explanations of every section to help you get started.

Extra I Offer:

  • A Small Reset Page: Perfect for the end of the month, week, or year. It comes complete with helpful prompts.
  • Prompts for Routines: Handy prompts to help you establish your daily rituals.

Ready to simplify your life and boost your productivity?

Click "I want this" and get started with our basic pack for FREE!

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Who am I?

I'm Sudakshina Sridharan, a Notion template creator. I love making people's lives easier with my Notion Templates and content.

How to use this Notion template?

Simply click "duplicate" in the top right corner to add the template to your Notion workspace.

Is it a free product?

Yes, it's entirely free! If you find it valuable, feel free to give a small tip to support my work.

Still have questions or suggestions? Reach out to me via email at or drop a message on my website

Let's simplify your life, boost your productivity, and make Notion work for you! Download your Beginner's Daily Dashboard Planner now!

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Beginner's Daily Dashboard

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